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Attempting to cancel on the phone but getting nowhere!

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Attempting to cancel on the phone but getting nowhere!

My internet was cut off on the 30th July and i was told it would be up and running again within 5 working days. 5 working days came and gone and i phoned up again and to my shock i was told that the person i spoke to on the 30th never set it up and that i would need to wait another 5 working days for it to go up again. Due to work commitments i have been tethering my mobile phone up to the laptop which has resulted in me needing to pay for more internet usage.
I have also noticed that for my new account (move in date 21st August) someone has added the mobile package to the line rental at £3 a month. This is something that i, or the customer service representative never even spoke about.
I said i was just wanting to cancel everything with a full refund etc and was told that the cancellation department closes in 5 minutes but there was a 10 minute wait so was best to contact tomorrow (today). Today comes and i waste even more of my time on hold and when i told the woman from cancellations my issue, she quickly said she can't do anything and transferred  me to another department. I waited another 20 minutes on hold before i hung up as i can't spend most of my free time on hold to Plusnet!
Since i get a better response from the forum team can i get someone to refund me my Line Rental fee which i have paid to start at my new house on the 21st August and cancel my whole account and because of all the hassle i have been having i would like the cancellation fees to be removed too.
I have noticed that your slogan says "We'll do you proud", Do you think you have done me proud Plusnet?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Attempting to cancel on the phone but getting nowhere!

Unfortunately we can't process cancellations through the forums I'm afraid.
You will need to contact us.
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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team