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Appalling lack of Support from Senior Management

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Appalling lack of Support from Senior Management

I stupidly believed all the advertising hype Plusnet put out and transferred all my services (BB, Phone & Line Rental) from BT to PN on 21/4/15.
It was not without hiccups and I didn't receive the PN router as promised until after the transfer had taken place.
I was cross but it eventually arrived and all seemed to be fine.
On the 5th August I received an email from BT regarding my account. I phoned BT and had a huge and very stressful argument with them saying I was no longer with them. I received what I now realise is something to be cherished.....a phone call from one of their Senior Managers who very patiently and politely explained that I did in fact still have an account with them as Plusnet had failed to take over the Line Rental and Phone plan element of the transfer.
I immediately contacted Plusnet on the 5th August about this and they agreed that they had failed to move the Line rental and Phone Plan and apologised and said they would do it straight away - however it seems it wouldn't be with immediate effect as I then received an email saying it would be effective from the 19th August.
Worse still.... taking only the Broadband element from BT has resulted in my old BT phone plan being changed from Anytime Calls to Weekend & Evenings only. Meaning for the period 21/4/15 to 19/8/15 I have been charged for every call made outside of these times - which is the majority of my calls. I have also been paying a higher rate for Line Rental than  would have if I had been with Plusnet for this period.
When I put these points to Customer support I was told there would be no compensation as I would have been paying for the calls/line rental anyway to Plusnet so was not out of pocket. They totally missed the point and misunderstood the situation and were very unhelpful. I am out of pocket because the calls with BT were previously all inclusive of my Anytime Phone plan charges and are not now.
BT even confirmed this fact and gave me the figures. I have tried phoning to speak to a Senior Manager at Plusnet.....don't bother they don't accept phone calls.
You have to enter your complaint on a form and wait for 5 working days for a response. Don't make me laugh.....I waited from the 5th Aug until the 15th Aug for a response to my initial complaint which was not resolved due their inability to understand the plain facts. I followed this up with a response on the 15th August and guess what ....I'm still waiting. I tried to get it resolved on the phone - no chance.
This is an appalling way to treat people - I won't go away and give up because I am so angry. I am escalating this complaint to Ofcom and all paperwork is being forwarded to Which who keep giving Plusnet such great reports which I feel in no way represents the reality for Plusnet customers.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Appalling lack of Support from Senior Management

Hi @plusmum,
Allow me to apologise first of all for this.
Having taken a look into things I believe it's a matter of misunderstanding or possibly not unerstanding regarding giving you back the call charges.
Please send me a private message detailing the costs and I'll make sure we deal with this appropriately for you.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team