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Anyone remember the 18 month deal?

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Anyone remember the 18 month deal?

Hello, I've been with Plus.Net just coming up a year, and I've been reminded by sales that my charges will change next month. However, I'm pretty sure that when I initially applied for a broadband account, it was for a deal whereby the first 18 months were free. As it turned out, due to some mix up with my account, I ended up being put on a 12-month contract on the understanding that my account would be corrected at a later date. This appears to have been forgotten by sales and so I face the prospect of a price increase 6 months before the original agreed date.


Can anyone else remember the 18-month deal or can any staff who may see this message comment on it?


Carl Caulkett


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Re: Anyone remember the 18 month deal?

Deals change all the time.  PN have certainly offered free broadband for only the first twelve months of an 18-month contract.  If that is what you signed up for and you were given a 12-month contract 'by mistake', you might be better off since you should be able to negotiate a reduced rate for your broadband once the twelve months are up.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Anyone remember the 18 month deal?

Hi Carl,


I've looked into this, and whilst I personally don't fully understand what occurred 12 months ago, there does appear to have been some mix up and I'll be happy to extend your discounts for a further 6 months having reviewed the situation.


I've created this ticket on your account with more information.



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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team