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Another thread £75 Cashback No email

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Another thread £75 Cashback No email

This is clearly an issue and no one explains why customers do not receive the rewards e-mail. If it is technical reason, a business tactic etc.

I would advise each customer to start their own thread, rather than showing their own issue in someone else's thread. It will only get fixed for good for everyone now and in the future if the scale of the issue is highlighted properly.

It is also not an obvious process the whole thing.

Went live on 24/09. No rewards e-mail. I don't want and don't need an apology. I just want to see this working properly. I am going to be told that 'this is was triggered for you and need to wait 30 days'. But what if nothing arrives in 30 days, will I miss a deadline to claim? 

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Another thread £75 Cashback No email

Thanks for your post @Seiya.


There's an issue with the redemption emails showing as sent on our side but not actually being sent, which is not replicated in the actual dispatch of the reward cards.


Once we redeem the reward for you, it'll arrive within 30 days. I'm not really sure what other assurances I can give via the forum, if I'm completely honest.


I've just sent you a ticket which is accessible here, asking your permission to validate the claim on your behalf.


If you can let us know here once you've responded to the ticket we'll ensure that it's actioned ASAP.