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Am I live?

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Am I live?

I was told by Broadband will be switched over to plusnet on the 3rd September.
I have thus came in from work and just (foolishly) stuck a paperclip in and reset my router and the put in my Plusnet username and password.
All I am getting on the router is a red light at the internet light.
So I have tried another router, and still red light at the internet. This is suggesting no internet. I have definitely put in the username and password correct so it suggests I am not switched on live with you guys.
Can you please confirm if my internet is definitely up and active and if not do so please. Or tell me when it will be.
My account username is the same on the forun: smacc
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Re: Am I live?

Hi there.
Looks like you've just been able to get online? Let me know if this is not the case.
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