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Am I entitled to compensation?

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Registered: ‎14-12-2020

Am I entitled to compensation?

I am a new customer and there was a 6 week delay in my receiving broadband and landline services.

Mainly in part that I wasn't notified of the appointment when Openreach would come set up a new line on 11 December. They came before I had even moved into the property, but I was unaware regardless.
The next appointment they could make was 5th January. Phone line was installed, but it then turned out my broadband order had been cancelled. Order was replaced, and then a glitch in the system caused it to be cancelled again.
Order placed for a third time, finally my broadband was connected on the evening of 21st January.

I received a call this week asking if everything was working etc, but as I was working myself I didn't have time to think, am I entitled to any compensation, even if Plusnet haven't signed up to the automatic compensation scheme?
Having to pay a lot extra for a dongle and data from another provider just so I could organise various accounts etc because of my move was just a lot of extra stress I didn't need over the Christmas period.
To be fair to the customer services people I was talking to, they were very nice and tried to be as helpful as they could.