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Again... Getting so tired of all this... Make th

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Again... Getting so tired of all this... Make th

This is awful service.
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14 Aug 2020, 03:06

I was taken off Internet for no viable reason... Was without it for over week, it's ok wen it someone else.
Then after terrible attitude and no help... I was made to make new account, in a very hurried fashion over phone, this made no sense, there had been nothing wrong with previous account, once after yrs dropping connection and just watching white circle continously.
Now, only person help me with this problem of recent, was Tahmir....there had always been working connection to Internet from my house and router.
I said continously... I DID NOT WANT MAKE NEW ACCOUNT... but ofcourse not listened to.
Then was taking an age to another router out, and the person who took me hurriedly through setting up unwanted new account, I kept insisting I did not nor need new one... but he actually just quickly told me to do it, I was not given choice... it was very confusing at the time as was making no sense, & no one would explain to me, what in hell is going on, why I was stopped my Internet in 1st place, why I was without any Internet. The staff were either abysmal by being very quiet on phone, and making it frustrating by also giving NO explanation about any of it. Then I got those that had attitude to ME, that's not customer service at all... & I hope you were admonished for the way you spoke to me. Yet, still not getting onto Internet.... The most I got was a feeble... been an error. And when I had the awful move, of, ofcourse human nature to ask, what's the problem.... It was me made to feel had done wrong, and a clipped, just an error, errors do happen.... But as I'm paying, plus natural to ask... Well what is problem, esp as could see had Internet access, but password was changed so quickly I couldn't get bk on.... So a good access ob from my house, also guy on other end said, I can see you have a perfectly working access...... EXACTLY, now get me bk on... Cud have sorted it on same day..... But by now they had pulled me through so quickly to make new account, was even told hurry up, it was so quick, had no time to process all this, esp as I didn't want new account. But pulled so quickly through making new account, I had scrape and scuff marks on front of my shoes.
Then, as new account,was told now will have to wait to get bk on line..... ARE U LOT FOR REAL, SERIOUSLY?
Also guy, who made me make in extremely hurriedly fashion to make new user name and password, one who was telling me.... quickly, quickly... Wot in God's name is going on, wot is this 'error' no one wud explain, why all of a sudden out of the blue.... None of it made no sense, never has and still doesn't. I do wonder, if not long before, I said I'd prefer to stay on monthly contract.... Ooo that's not what they want.
I was also told by guy, who at breakneck speed made me make new account......that will b on 28month contract, well, well, well.... Say enough wot was possibly goin on here, and whole 9days offline, there was an uninterrupted and working connection to Internet, which made it even worse.
BUT ALSO TOLD BY GUY AT ME TO MAKE THIS NEW ACCOUNT, HE WAS EVEN TALKING FAST, WAS RUSHING ME, TELLING ME TO HURRY UP...... THAT MY BILL WOULD NOW BE £25.?? A MONTH FROM NOW(WELL NEW ACCOUNT). But, I see you took the astronomical sum of plus £43.??, just same as b4..... Which was xmas present, as the price had jumped by £10 at Xmas 2019, sum hike for same....
But, now, remember I have new account, so it should come at £25.??, which I assured wud be.... No I've been lied to.
I had said, was such weird document I recieved in post meant to be sent to give info of new contract.
Ominously it did not state the price per month, a prerequisite in such a document, and never touched on the speeds of Internet, another obvious fact in deciding on a provider. When I said all this about it, I was told.... Yeah, but he did tell you....... Which is why it's noted in writing, as I was told, but it's not price I was told.....I am on new account, everything started new, and he specifically said the price of £25.??. But, it has just gone out my bank the sum of £43.....that is awful..... and is fraudulent. Ppl say it, but I have an exceptional solicitor who will look everywhere and is like a dog with a bone, he was asked in his career by God to place him in bigger and loftier positions, that is how good he is, he always turned them down, as he's happy to do bigger cases, but stay where his whole family has belonged.... I knew his father, his grandfather (with a trilby), all solicitors. I am more then confident he will find more then one discrepancy, I have total faith in this exceptional man. And lucky that he's my lawyer.

I was told £25.??, but u are still taking the £, this is not right, how dare you lie.
I asked why wasn't it put in what new contract would be, I knew Big red flag and deafing bell going off, also far from a professional document.... It's a joke infact. All these things are included in a legitimately written contract.
You're like fly boys.
It went on for days and days, no new router was being sent out, as usually there almost next day, but no.... No router was appearing, longer off net, & it's totally necessary for me, as I have a long term illness and, even b4 virus, I was and will continue to be in house 99.9% time in my house, it's so difficult for me to get out. So, I depend on the Internet for EVERYTHING, But did they care, like heck they did. I bet they had their Internet each night at home.
Now, not until, I put post up complaining of this treatment and was for public to see. Low and behold, I actually get a call from Them, that never happened, and I was calling see where router was, as taking Mick now.... these companies can be truly awful, also some that work for them, as if such big company, feel untouchable, and some of their employees like wise.
There make it quite plain, they don't actually KNOW what Customers Service actually means, no respect for customer or their plight.... they have no interest other then getting you off phone.
An error, well what is error? Oh u know, just an error, these things can happen with this..... Still wot is error..... An error can gapped with anything at any time, but if there is only one out of two ppl trying to fix it, then u don't get very far.
Now, first, only time I had call from them, was from the PR dept, as I'd left open comment for ppl to read...... Now doesn't that just sum up times and wot it is that's most important to them. Not, customers...... No, the PR... God damn, that is atrocious.
Now, this was only guy spent time listening, took all time necessary, admitted was their fault, wud get router out Pronto.... and on that he kept his word, I recieved router practally nxt day, where it was dragging on and company sending no router. I hope none of you end up I'll, as I was sporty, never stopped, enjoyed my family, friends and life...... Nxt I was unrecognizable, and, this was a totally diff person to previous one..... & scarily I see it's so easy for these things that you never thort wud happen to you, takes hold and you have very little say in ur life anymore. Which is ofcourse,is why I need Internet, did u care? No!
Tamir,sorry forgot his name, but not forgot how he helped me.
And, as I said, surprise, surprise, I'd had full access from router and house to Internet, was sitting as a workable connection all through this, isn't that just awful.
Now, Tamir said once get router, set it up straight away and I'll be connected (to the connection that always existed). Even though, someone mentioned, that, I would have pay for reconnection with the situation we were having.....omg,Seriously...just take take packet, as a biscuit wasn't enough.
I had to set up router, enter new password for router.... Use new username and newpassword to account as..... It was a NEW account, you made it such. So, why are you taking money out the bank not owed to you?, new payment was to be now £25, on new account. So, stop tryin to claim money that is not yours. So, the difference can be returned as law dictates.
And, not amended because of what's been revealed here.
But, the proper one you said it would be. No, no one's got this or that bit wrong, cos if had any part of username or password wrong then it's not as it should be, & can't claim... Oh was wrong, but let me on my account anyway...... No.....
It's the new account and setup you told me..... No more lying through teeth...or that particular person got it wrong, as that particular person took me through all new account, where all other info works, eg password, etc.
YOU SAID £ I said so it should be, and new accounts get approx that rate. So, sort out direct debt, how dare u, that's MY money.
Plus, had to lay out extras, for data, if only for surfing..... But I did not have any of my accounts that I use, eg Spotify, Prime, Netflix, etc.... But I was still paying out for them.... Couldnt stream anything, not even youtube..... Any catch up programs also required Internet, ud b surprised how much it affected so many diff things.
I was told, we'll put £20 bk, that you padded out while off Internet, that's not out of good will, that should be mandatory, & actually you were only paying really few pounds.
But, aha, there's problem of restoring to my account, of course there would be.... Try again, well still not there. How come other companies can pay money bk into my bank account, but YOU can't... Aww ridiculous. And actually I just agreed with the low amount, as my patience was too low..... Really, should been for quite lot more, considering, you made mistake, I couldn't access any of my still being paid subscriptions, also the upset and the affect it had on me, as my illness suffered from direct stress of this situation, and u don't have to feel how awful it is to be unwell. So, for that, no, every other company can manage to pay into my account, not been any problems, but, YOU can't, how typical is that?.
I was bk on internet and relieved by nxt eve, thanks to Tamir. Though this no payment bk is working, hmm. Now little dubious.
Now, what that man done, is what one of the 'Customer Service' ppl SHOULD have been doing. Instead of feeble remarks like, 'oh your old account has broke', it is pathetic without doubt, but it did make me laugh... At the absurdity.
Now, Tamir has been incredible and actually helped had conducted himself in professional and helpful nature. For all the stress, it was actually a pleasure speaking to him.
Now, Tamir was gonna check in, and he did call. But, I felt was early days yet as to service to Internet being so soon.
And, Yes.... This is why...
The connection not as good as was before..... It keeps dropping out, far too often, within a min it can have number of times a prob.
It either drops out.... Or my God I'm back to that white circle just turning again. So service is worse. I'm not paying for a non reliable service, how is it poss to watch anything wen.... Omg there lost connection's happening continuously everyday now.
So, if this is wot u provide, take away account unnecessarily, but for what your company is for.... You are NOT PROVIDING A WORKABLE CONNECTION..... HELL, WISH U HAD LEFT WELL ALONG.... MY SERVICE BEFORE THIS DEBACLE HAD NO PROBS OVERALL.... NOW THE CONNECTION IS ACTUALLY WORSE.
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