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Advice when leaving

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Registered: ‎08-04-2014

Advice when leaving

Afternoon all,


Can anyone advise when you change suppliers do they cancel your account with PN or does

this have to be done on the PN dash board?


Also will PN / new provider deal with my phone line transfer?





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Re: Advice when leaving

When you place an order with your new isp, the gaining isp will contact the losing isp and make the arrangements. Once the transfer is complete you final bill will be made out (if applicable) and your account closed. Or this is how it should be. Making contact with the losing isp can cause issues and sometimes mis communications can end up with a chargeable cease instead of a seamless migration.

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Re: Advice when leaving

Hi @Iceax123


We're sorry to hear you are leaving. 


Your new provider will inform us of when they are taking over the line. The final fees against your account (if applicable) will be calculated 21 days after your services migrate to your new provider. 


Kind Regards