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Advice on renewing contract during house move.

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Advice on renewing contract during house move.

Currently I pay for Unlimited Fibre Extra and my contract has ended and I am looking to renew. But I am selling up and soon I will move to a short term rental while I wait for my new house to be finished.

Due to the distance from the exchange the short term rental only offers Unlimited Fibre. However the new build is nearer to the exchange and I will be able to have Unlimited Fibre Extra.

So the question is, if I renew now, what happens during the period in the short term rental? I would want to be able to have Unlimited Fibre Extra again when I move to my new house?


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Re: Advice on renewing contract during house move.

Hi there @Dan_the_Van, given your circumstances, I think the best course of action would be to arrange a house move under an unlimited fibre deal for your temporary address.

When you know you're able to move into your new property you can either take your existing unlimited fibre deal with you and upgrade at a later time, though you'll get charged for taking an existing deal to your new address.


Or (and likely more preferable to yourself) speak to the house moves team once more to take out a brand new contracted deal with unlimited fibre or fibre extra which the move cost will be waived.

You can find more information regarding moving house HERE