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Accuracy of PlusNet usage figure

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Accuracy of PlusNet usage figure

I have plusnet legacy which means 10Gb monthly limit but free from midnight to 8.00am. Recently (8th Feb) I noticed my chargeable usage increased by about 1Gb. I checked my pc usage software for the 8th and it shows a total of 178Mb in download usage (hourly figures available in xls ).

On further investigation it appears that I started to download a video but because it was huge (approx.1Gb) I cancelled the download. The partial download is to my surprise playable in VLC but stops after about a minute or two presumably because of the cancellation of the download.

Can anyone explain why PlusNet usage seems to include the whole video (1Gb) whereas my pc software shows up as the actual partial download (55Mb)? 


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Re: Accuracy of PlusNet usage figure

Does remaining on the legacy product provide any benefit compared with upgrading to Plusnet Unlimited? If you give the Customer Options Team a call on 0800 013 2632 you might be able to negotiate an attractive deal.

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Re: Accuracy of PlusNet usage figure


There has been a recent issue with the REPORTED (rather than the BILLED) usage - see here - this might fit both your time window and issue.