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Account show error has occurred-billing and payments frozen

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Registered: ‎02-10-2020

Account show error has occurred-billing and payments frozen

In late July I checked my account and saw a notification that my broadband deal was about to expire.  I went through the process of changing my product to claim the new account benefits and price. Since then my account has been stuck with the message an error has occurred and I have not received any withdrawals by PLUSNET from my direct debit with you. I have used telephone support but all they could tell me was there was an IT problem.

I am concerned that the service may end from non-payment or that I will receive a very large bill at some time. The household has people working from home including my autistic son who is working remotely supporting other disabled students on an internship with his university. He is very anxious about the uncertainty.

No one has contacted to say that there is a problem and despite phoning I am still not clear what the problem is or when it will be resolved. Please can you give me some insight into what is happening and when it will be resolved.

Thank you