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Account not showing correct details

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Account not showing correct details

Can someone here from Plusnet please help.

About a month ago I canceled Plusnet TV and got the BT Sport App.

All I should have now is Plusnet Fibre and the BT Sport App, I have paid line rental in advance.

THe broadband and BT sport app is working.

However when I login my account still shows that I have the TV service with HD etc.

Also a payment hasn't been taken on Aug 8th and when I try to access my billing info there's nothing there for me to see or I can't access my billing at all.

I'm hoping someone on here can help as I really don't want to have to call.

Account is...





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Community Gaffer
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Re: Account not showing correct details

Hi Paul.

I can see that the appropriate packages have been cancelled from your account but are still showing/stuck in the billing engine. It looks like this is something we're aware of and we've suspended your account billing while we resolve it.

Unfortunately I can't advise a timeframe when this will be resolved however if it's longer than 3 months then once we've unsuspended the billing we'll only charge for a maximum of 3 months leading up to the invoice generating. 

Apologies for the inconvenience this causes.

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