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Account holder change

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Account holder change

Hi, I'm moving home soon and wanted to take my broadband with me. I gave the home move number a call and as the account is in my mums name (I pay the bill and have always dealt with the account) I wasn't able to change anything.
I decided to try and change the account over to my name which I could see couldn't be done online. I got my mum to phone support and she was told this is not possible? She was told to cancel the account and order a new account in my name. Is it really not possible to change account holder?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Account holder change

Hi shadowff6,
Unfortunately you would need to set up a new account in your name. I would also recommend that your mum logs into the member centre and adds you as an authorised user on her account if she's happy for you to deal with the account.
What I'd advise to do is set up a new account at your new address in your name and leave this account in place for your mum to continue using. She can change the billing details on the account so that you're not paying for 2 accounts as well. If you need anything else just let me know.