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Account has been cancelled

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Account has been cancelled

I have always paid online, in jan I tried to pay online but it wouldn’t let me so I rang up to pay but was told they cant take payment due to issues with service, the phone operator attempted to pay online and couldn’t. I was told to leave money in my account and they would collect.
My services were then cut so again I rang up to pay and was told they can’t tske payment due to the system having problems. They connected me back up. Again I noticed they still hadn’t taken payment so I ring up to pay again to be told I owe nothing on my account. I told them I haven’t paid, again I’m told to leave money in my account and they will claim.
My internet was suddenly cut a few days ago, so I rang up to be told my account has been closed and I have been passed to a recovery company for £80. I asked could I pay it now so I can get my internet turned back on. They told me I have to wait to receive a letter because they don’t know which company the debt is with. Then set up a new account!!! Which will take 10 days!!!! I have spoken to endless amounts of phone operators and have been waiting for 3 days for a reply from management. When I’ve tried to open a complaint I’m fobed off that I have to do it through the senior team yet I cannot speak to a member of the senior team. They have basically told me to go with another provider because that will be a quicker alternative then waiting to be turned back on through Plusnet. At least 10 days after I clear the debt, but I don’t know where the debt is until I receive a letter!!!! They have accepted responsibility however as a trainee teacher who is writing an assignment and dissertation, I have had to drive 10 miles to my mother in laws every evening after work to plan lesson led and work on my assignments, missing my children due to them being in bed when I arrive home, And it looks will be doing the same for the next few weeks!! To say I’m fuming is the biggest understatement ever made!! Is anyone else in the same boat? Has the issue been resolved?
It is absolutely scandalous that though their negligence (which they have admitted too) I am without internet and phone in a crucial period in my life. My credit file is being affected though no fault of my own, my mobile phone bill is going through the roof as I have to use that because I have no house phone tophobe Plusnet. Endless hours wasted trying to sort the situation. Straight to the ombudsman methinks. Seething!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Account has been cancelled

Hi @Gareth3, I am really sorry to hear of the issues encountered with your account, please be assured this isn't the kind of experience we want you to have.


I have taken a look at the account and provided a more detailed response here.

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team