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Account details

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Account details

We are currently renting my grandmothers bungalow whilst she is in a residential home. The phone and Broadband was set up before we moved in with your company. Since moving in last year my details were added to the account and I have been paying the bill by direct debit each month. However, we do not have any of the account details for the phone and broadband account with plusnet, I have asked my grandmother but she has got dementia and my uncle looks after her accounts. But they don’t seem to have the details for this plusnet account.
We would like to know when our contract is coming to an end and find out if we can get a better package with plus net. At the moment we are paying £39.00 a month and we don’t use to the landline at all no phone plugged in. This seems like a lot of money compared to other companies especially when we can’t really use the internet as it just keeps buffering when we try to watch catch up tv etc... please could you let me know how I can access the account details and consequently discuss with plusnet what our options may be.
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Re: Account details

This needs to be moved to My Account/Billing where PN staff will spot it and reply.

If you don't move it, one of the mods will.

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Re: Account details

Thank you, new to all this so just posted message. I didn’t realise there were set places. I’ll try and post in correct place
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Re: Account details

Normally, you would go to this page

and "log in" with your user name, and password

then you would be presented with a page giving details




you can see the contract dates on the right hand side...

click on the icons above for other information



However.... You need the "original" user name..... ( not your current login name and password) and "original" password..


Someone from the PN staff may pick this up, and give further help...


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Re: Account details

Thank you yes unfortunately we don’t have any of the original details which is why I’m stuck.
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Re: Account details

Moderator's note(s):

Thread moved from General Chat to My Account/Billing and duplicate post removed.

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Re: Account details

Thanks for your post @Sjrobinson85 I'm sorry for the issues your grandmother has. Do you or anyone else have Lasting Power of Attorney over her you could email us the documents at

We'll then validate this and they'll be able to authorised to do anything on the account just as if they were the account holder. We'd then be able to pass our data protection checks and provide the missing info you don't have.

I've also looked into the broadband speed issues and while line tests aren't showing any issues with the router getting a speed of 21mbps and no drops within about 18 days, I've made a change to a setting on the line which should help improve the speed you're getting from the router to your devices, and hopefully stop the buffering.

We can't do much more though without first organising who's now responsible for the account although if your devices are connecting over WiFi it may be worth trying the steps Here if you continue to have issues.

The alternative to sending us a power of attorney document would be to open a new account from Here signing up as if you were a brand new customer and we'd takeover the line within 10 working days closing the previous account automatically.

With this approach we wouldn't be able to transfer the landline number across as we can't move a number between two Plusnet accounts of different account holders, so if you sign up a new account for everything to go smoothly, make sure you don't tell us what the existing number is (Assuming you're happy with not having the number as you've said it's not used)

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

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