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Account billing

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Account billing

I have been with plusnet now for 3 years. About a year ago plusnet tried to tell me that i had not paid my bill i had to send over evidence that i have e.g bank statement. Long story short but it took them over a year to actually get it wipped off my account and now i have to pay extra money ontop of my original bill price even tho it wasnt my fault. I have beeb receiving emails again saying i havent paid my bill when i have, trying to get over £100 off me which is ridiculous considering im paying over £40 a month for my internet due to something that was out of my control. I now have no internet as its been cut off. I will be leaving plusnet and doing everything i can to put in a complaint as this is totally unacceptable.
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Re: Account billing

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Re: Account billing

Hi there @Donna1991, I can see you spoke with some of my colleagues yesterday regarding this and they've outlined what we'd need from you to move forward.


If you could please upload the bank statements we requested yesterday to your support ticket, we can get this looked into for you as efficiently as possible.

 Jess Moore
 Plusnet Help Team