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Account active, service..... inactive in new accomodation

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Registered: 18-10-2011

Account active, service..... inactive in new accomodation

I've recently moved into a new rented accommodation, and started up fresh with Plusnet: I haven't used them before and they weren't in use by the previous occupant.
Now the phone number has stopped working, which I though is a good thing, but nothing seems to be happening. My account page states activation should have been 5 days ago (18Oct) but the service is inactive. Plusnet support are chasing up via Questions but there has been a bit of silence since the weekend.
My question is, is there something I should do/ should have done with regards to the old account? As far as I know the previous ISP (BT I think according to the previous tenant) doesn't really need to hear from me at all.
Have I done the wrong thing diving straight into PlusNet?Huh
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Re: Account active, service..... inactive in new accomodation

Hi rhaggart,
It looks like the phone was active from the previous tenant and was switched off, which cancelled the broadband order. I'll place the order to start the phone (should be active within 24 hours) and once that's active I can get the broadband order placed. It will take 7 days for the broadband to go active.
Jojo Smiley