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Account Upgrade Issues

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Registered: ‎26-04-2020

Account Upgrade Issues

Painful. It has just taken me 45 minutes to register with this community help page and get this question started on here. I am sat in the same room as my hub.

Anyway, I would be grateful if someone from Plusnet could have a look at my account. When I am logged into my account on the website it is offering me an upgrade to fibre extra. However when I click on the link if is saying it is not possible at this time. Why offer it if it is not working. My current limit has been very intermittent for several months now. There are only 3 of us in the house but it cannot cope. We bought a WiFi booster last week but it only worked for 24 hours before the hub would no longer recognise it. We reset both the hub and the booster several times but without any success.

So thinking now it may be best to try and upgrade our broadband with PlusNet. Would appreciate it if someone from Plusses could look into this for me please.