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About prices and eventual switch to FTTC ~ puzzled, maybe ???

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About prices and eventual switch to FTTC ~ puzzled, maybe ???

Hi All
I used to be on Premier Option 1 paying £21.99, finally saw the light and switched to PlusNet Unlimited paying £9.99 as on a Market 2/3 exchange a great switch as better 'package' and lower cost Cheesy
However I note that the cost is now showing on the comparator page as £12.49 so will I at some stage have an increase of £2.50, if so when?
Now I am hoping that FTTC is coming sometime this year to a cabinet "near me" Wink but note that the Fibre Essentials is £18.49 for Market 2/3 exchanges and for Unlimited is £22.49, so based on that I am a current customer when I get access to FTTC and bearing in mind that what I pay now is lower than the comparator page figure for ADSL Unlimited just what would I be paying for FTTCHuh
Oh, Fibre Essentials would likely be AOK as we do not Game & throttling between 20 to 22:00 hours on P2P, Usenet & FTP would not impact in a major way ~ though that is in the hope that uploading via HTTP is at full Fibre speeds i.e. bigger file uploads are not 'seen' as FTP even if sent using an HTTP site route?
Edit ~ though just realised(??) that Fibre Essentials is capped at 40GB per month................just a moot point as to whether with such FTTC speeds our usage grows to fill the capacity so to speak  Cheesy
TIA for the answers & insight  Cool
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Re: About prices and eventual switch to FTTC ~ puzzled, maybe ???

The increase isn't applicable to existing customers on your product
New customers are charged that BUT with a £2.50 discount if they take the home phone as well