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A reluctant goodbye

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A reluctant goodbye

My contract expires on Sunday. I have Standard Fibre and Plusnet TV. We took the TV package solely to gain access to Eurosport to follow the Cycling ( TDF, Giro, La Vuelta etc ) On the rare occasion we would watch a Football game on BT Sport. We have decided that we would drop the TV package and watch the cycling on ITV4

I had a look at what was available and although Vodafone were offering Broadband and Line rental for £23 I decided to see if Plusnet could match the current offer from John Lewis who are £28.50 for a 12 month contract. Signing up gets a £50 JL Gift card bringing the equivalent monthly cost down to £24.24. ( we have our eye on an item at JL and are waiting to see if the price drops on  " Black Friday " so the voucher will be useful.

I called retentions today and had a chat, unfortunately I wasn't able to get the equivalent cost to JL and so I've initiated the transfer.

I've had great service from Plusnet a helpful and knowledgeable forum and on the odd occasion that I've needed support the team have been on the ball and sorted things out so thanks for that.

I'm aware that JL Broadband is actually Plusnet so I'll still be with them in all but name.

Fingers crossed for the transfer and see you on the other side.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: A reluctant goodbye

Hi there, 


I'm sorry to see we couldn't match the deal with John Lewis but I'm glad to see you've landed a better deal either way. 


Do shout up if you encounter any problems during the changeover. 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team