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A PN offer with a hidden catch

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A PN offer with a hidden catch

I received a letter from PN telling me that my rural exchange had been upgraded from MKT3 to MKT1 and i would now get a refund of £7.50 per month on my ADSL rental
Also the Call Display rental at £0.99p was no longer payable
So by my calculations my monthly bill would reduce from £21.98 to £13.49
But not so according to PN, I was informed I would lose my Special Offer Discount of £14.99 because of the exchange upgrade

This so called offer, will now see in my monthly premium rising to £28.48 is now going to cost me £7.50 more

Time I jumped ship !!


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Re: A PN offer with a hidden catch

They made you an offer you couldn't refuse. Grin

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Re: A PN offer with a hidden catch

As someone once said, " You simply couldn't make it up"


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Re: A PN offer with a hidden catch


You could trying ringing Customer Options Team on 0800 013 2632 selecting option 1 then option 2 (If you are thinking of leaving) to discuss a new deal. You may have to re-contract, though.

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Re: A PN offer with a hidden catch

Reading this there should be another phone option.

Option 22  (the one with a catch) You have to be kidding me.

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Re: A PN offer with a hidden catch

That looks like 50p less than Line Rental + ADSL (before the June price rise), so your contract has either expired or PN's ancient billing system is considering you as out of contract because of the change in circumstances.

Either give them a call or wait for one of the staff members who help on this forum to pick up your post.

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Re: A PN offer with a hidden catch

Hi there.

This doesn't sound right.

Mind sending me a PM with a copy of the e-mail you've received so I can investigate this?

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