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75 cash

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75 cash

I have checked spam email etc and I have not received my email link to claim the £75 cash back. I have now been with plus net for a month. What happens now? Thanks.
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Re: 75 cash

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: 75 cash

Hi there, sorry to hear that the email hasn't reached you for some reason. I've just opened a ticket on your account for you to reply back to and authorise us claiming it on your behalf: please let me know here once you've replied to it. 

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 Adam Walker
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Re: 75 cash

Hi I too am having a problem with the promised £75 cashback.   I went to the Plusnet website via Top Cashback and signed up for an 18 month fixed Contract on 5th September for Broadband and phone. My visit was tracked by top cashback and I was advised I would receive my £75 after my service went live on 20th September.  However I was later informed that my cashback had been declined by Plusnet.  I lodged a claim to Top Cashback which they subsequently submitted to Plusnet on 5th Oct.  I received an email yesterday from Top Cashback advising me that Plusnet were not going to pay me giving the reason "An unauthorised discount or offer was used".  I really don't understand this,  I did everything I should do, I have never bought any other service /product from Plusnet previously or received any other offer or discount from them before so why am I not eligible.  Have I been the subject of some sort of scam?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: 75 cash


Hi @Marg


Thanks for highlighting this - I'm confused as to why TC have declined this as I can see that your cashback reward is valid and ready to be claimed - the original email went out at the back end of September.


I've created a ticket for you here with a link to claim this - please do this soon as the emails are only valid for a 2 month period from the original date of issue.