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£7 for 3 days of broadband

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£7 for 3 days of broadband


My 18 month Fibre Broadband contract is due to end on 29/01/21. I have been paying the discounted introductory rate of £23.99 a month for line rental and broadband.

I have today signed on for a new, 12 month contract at the same price of £23.99.

Last night, I received a bill for £31.22 which goes up to 02/02/21. I had thought that these contracts would transition into one another on 29/01 and my price would be a consistent £23.99, however after calling, I was told this is not the case.

As a result, I am paying £7.23 for the few days between 29/01 and 02/02. This does not make sense to me.

Please could someone help me understand if this is fair, as it does not feel like it. I negotiated a new contract before my current one ended, almost a month early. I was told I have called one day too late, though the way I see it I still have 4 weeks left on my contract. I am trying to work out if it would be best just to cancel the new contract and go elsewhere.

Thank you and apologies for all the numbers.

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Re: £7 for 3 days of broadband



When you sign up for a new contract and you are still in contract then new contract starts at as soon as the formalities are complete. The £7 will be an adjusment. The details should be in a new question on your account.


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Re: £7 for 3 days of broadband

New contracts usually start on the next billing date but Plusnet's systems seem to mess things up at times and you get recontracts supposedly starting on other dates. I had that with my last recontract - the original original email and linked ticket said one date ( a few days from the recontract phone call) but then Plusnet decided to start it on my next billing date.

@campbell494 I think you need  a Plusnet staffer to clarify exactly what is happening and why.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: £7 for 3 days of broadband


Hi @campbell494,


I have investigated the billing on your account and left a ticket to explain what has happened. You can follow this link to review my response here

 Curtis Smith
 Plusnet Help Team