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6 weeks notice given of house move

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6 weeks notice given of house move

I am already having issues with our impending house move in six weeks !!  I rang to inform the powers that be of our move date LAST WEEK  and placed a new order for broadband and phone services , after a load of haggling i now will have to pay double my existing deal  ( Its a new build house  so i need a new installation , they have me over a barrell it seems ) compared to my current deal and take out a 24 month contract ! . I received an e mail from a Mr [CSA Removed] confirming all the details of the new order ,  all was ok .  A week later i receive another e - mail stating  the order by Mr[CSA Removed] had not been placed correctly and they were now awaiting a date from open reach to survey the site and this would happen in due course .

Today i have recieved another e- mail informing me of the new charges and direct debit dates , GUESS WHAT ? ITS WRONG !

they are overcharging me by £5.00 per month , i then spent  46mins on hold ( thank god it was a 0800 number ) eventually spoke with an advisor who accepted the dd was indeed wrong , BUT it was too late to alter it this month  and he would inform billing to sort . Apparently there is a massive backlog of issues like mine to deal with .   The whole experience so far has been a shambles , there appears to be a lack of joined up thinking in Plusnet when it comes to any change . Had i not been with them many years i would be off to a competitor ( if things dont improve  i will be doing so as they have breached the terms of contract ) . Will my new installation be completed on the date requested - WATCH THIS SPACE !!!.  a rather unhappy client .  

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