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£30 leaving fee?

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£30 leaving fee?

Hi there,

I currently have a Plusnet broadband only package and have my line rental and phone calls with the Post Office.

My Plusnet broadband only package was for 12 months which ended in December 2015 so I'm on a 1 month rolling contract.

I am moving my broadband to the Post Office and they have told me twice that I need to contact Plusnet and advise that my broadband is moving across to the Post Office. Also Plusnets terms state that they need to be given 14 days notice.

I spoke to Plusnet who said that a) I shouldn't be phoning them as the Post Office should be liaising directly with Plusnet during the changeover and b) there will be a £30 cancellation fee?

Having looked at Plusnet's cessation policy, I don't see how I would be liable for the £30 fee?

Also, do I really need to advise Plusnet I'm leaving? Won't they get a notification from the Post Office?

Any advice is much appreciated!
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Re: £30 leaving fee?

Plusnet are correct. There is no need to contact them as they will be advised in due course when the switch has happened. The Post Office use TalkTalk LLU to provide their broadband services. This means you will be moving to a provider who uses their own network and therefore the £30 cessation fee is payable.



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Re: £30 leaving fee?

Your link states "You'd only need to pay the charge if the broadband service is being taken off your phone line. "

Broadband isn't being taken off my line, I'm moving to another provider.

Is anyone from Plusnet able to confirm please?
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Re: £30 leaving fee?

From the link:

you switch to a provider who uses their own network (like a cable provider)

Talk Talk are an LLU supplier, as has been mentioned, and don't use BTW equipment in the exchange.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: £30 leaving fee?

Welcome to the community forums @Corsa

Sadly, the cessation fee is applicable if your line is taken over by an LLU provider. As the BT Wholesale equipment at the exchange that we use would need to be ceased/removed from the line.


Have you thought about moving your phone service over to us instead?

We could offer you a new deal as a dual-play customer.

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