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3 weeks+ without internet and poor compensation!

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3 weeks+ without internet and poor compensation!

Simular to this exerperated user back in 2013 and some things haven't improved!


We have had no internet for over three weeks. There were several delays to the fault being fixed, including waiting for engineers... then engineers not locating the fault, then waiting again for council approval on road works... then engineers not locating the fault, then seeking further approval etc. In the meantime I have been given more information by the OpenReach engineers who were turning up in the street than I was through PlusNet. PlusNet were giving incorrect details on the online account (one said that our update would be given to us by 20-01-2020, which was three days in advance of the current date)! I was also promised email updates which never arrived and my neighbour was given totally different information to us when she called. 


Having had the inconvenience of not having internet access for over three weeks, not being able to work from home as scheduled and having to rearrange things as a result, and between us having paid £40 in extra data charges on our mobile contracts, we have finally had the issue resolved. After being VERY persistent with Customer Services they agreed to compensate £20. Also stating that they were not responsible for the weather (the fault was not caused by the weather!) nor were they legally obliged to offer any compensation as they did not make us use mobile data. Perhaps not but PlusNet are our broadband provider and have failed to meet their committments, I was hoping that positive Customer relations might be higher up the priorities than what PlusNet are legally obliged to do, an apology for the inconvenience would have gone a long way but that has also never been offered.


Awaiting a more satisfactory response...

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: 3 weeks+ without internet and poor compensation!


Hi @ShefUser20


Thanks for highlighting this - I am genuinely sorry to hear that your fault ran for longer than expected. I have reviewed the fault and can see that an A55 access request (eg, closing or otherwise making changes to the road near your premises) was the main cause of this delay. Having reviewed your fault ticket, I can see that my colleagues did provide regular updates (here) and that you've since accepted a resolution to your complaint here. With this in mind, we're unable to revisit your complaint or provide any additional compensation as you've confirmed that you're happy for the complaint to be closed on the basis of the compensation offered - I will of course feedback your concerns to the agents concerned and ensure that any coaching that is required is provided accordingly.


Best wishes