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24 month contract?

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24 month contract?

12 months we changed to unlimited broadband and was told it would be 12 months at £5.99. We now want to change provider due to international call costs but have been told we signed up for 24 months.
I cannot find any details of this on the site or Google of this deal or any 24 month contracts for residential users. Is anyone else on this deal or heard of it as we thought we were taking it for 12 months.
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Re: 24 month contract?

When I contacted Customer Options to get a better deal I agreed to a 24 month contract and you may have done the same
Did you receive an email - Confirmation of your new contract - when you changed
Mine said
We're sending this email to confirm the details of your new contract.
Your new contract
Your package will be subject to a new 24 month contract

At the date you changed you will find a service notice - look under closed tickets for that date range