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1 month since I've applied for broadband nothing yet....

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1 month since I've applied for broadband nothing yet....

Ok this is unbelievable,
I have applied for phone and broadband a month ago. When I applied I received a message and email that everything would be ready on the 7th of February. Of course, after that I was charged for the line rental even if I could not  use the telephone yet that is from what I understand the plusnet's policy...
On the 3rd of Feb I called customers office just to check if everything is Ok and they told me that my application had "jammed" in the supplier's system  Huh and that they would proceed now. They also sent me a message saying that everything should be ok by the 14 of Feb!!!
of course nothing happened except that after that day they altered the problem! they tell me now that the line has a problem (but I thought that it was an internal system problem from what you were saying before) and it requires complex investigation!!!  Shocked  DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT IS THE PROBLEMHuh and if you do can you do anything with that? At least stop mocking me by sending me messages that my application is processing when nothing happens for a month!!!
The last straw is that you have sent me an email that I can use the phone and you give me my phone number as well... no... this doesn't work either....
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Re: 1 month since I've applied for broadband nothing yet....

Hopefully a DC person will pick this up shortly.

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