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voicemail not working

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Registered: ‎16-10-2018

voicemail not working

Hello, can someone please help.  I changed to Plusnet about 6 weeks ago and realised I’d not set up my voicemail.  Today I notice if I ring it from my mobile nothing happens, my mobile appears to call voicemail but no message is heard nor any voicemail instructions to set it up, etc.  If someone phones me and I don’t pick up they hear nothing, no voicemail message nothing.


I saw a similar post in the forum and the PlusNet team said the below ...

Sorry to hear this, this doesn't sound right at all. Could you please type the following code into your keypad (replacing '123456789' with your mobile number), press 'call', and let me know what message comes up?



I have done that and attach a photo of what comes up ... I think I need help !!! 🙃