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sms short code issue with barclays

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sms short code issue with barclays

After switched to plusnet, I have had multiple problems with my dentist, airline, bank because I can't text back to short code SMS numbers. I was not aware of this issue before the switch, now I really regret it.


Does plusnet plan to support short code sms numbers in near future?



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Re: sms short code issue with barclays

Hi keij!

Thanks for getting in touch with us!

We don't currently support the short code feature, and we don't have any plans to introduce this anytime soon. 

We appreciate all feed back that is put forward to us by our Customers. I can assure you keij, as this has been raised to the relevant department, they are aware of this. 

- Rebeka 

 Rebeka Preston
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: sms short code issue with barclays

@keij  Indeed it's infuriating. I only found out when I was contacted by Santander's short code sms service to notify me of a large credit card transaction which wasn't mine.

Instead of a simple immediate sms 'YES / NO' reply, I had to wait until I got home several hours later in order to phone Santander as I didn't have the card with me.

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Re: sms short code issue with barclays

All over London (underground and mainline stations) there is a push to encourage people to report security concerns to the police using a short code text message. Perhaps the police think these codes work on all UK networks? Plusnet might need to look at this urgently.
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Re: sms short code issue with barclays

Perhaps the police need to rethink their promotions, Plusnet may be in a minority but they certainly aren't the only operator that doesn't support short codes.
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Re: sms short code issue with barclays

This is a joke, right? I wanted to report an issue to the BTP last night, and it was not appropriate to call them. I tried the 61016 text service and failed. Now I discover it is because it is all a bit too difficult for poor little Plusnet - part of the BT Group.

Sort this out please.