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sim only account still active when cancelled?

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sim only account still active when cancelled?

I ordered some sims and received more than I thought I'd ordered so I telephoned customer services to cancel one of them.

About a week later I received an automated email explaining that my direct debit details have been cancelled, so I phoned again to ask why am I getting this email. It seemed that the account closing is "pending" and this is just an automated email and the account will be fully closed soon.


Received another email yesterday:


We're just dropping you a line to let you know that your bill is now available to view. Simply head over to My Account and use your account number and password to log in to check on all your calls, texts and data used this month.

As your account is in credit by £4.84, we won't be taking a payment this month, and this credit will be applied to your bill.

Don't forget you can use My Account to check your current and previous bills, monitor your usage and update your details too.


Can a moderator please explain why this account is not closed?


I'm sorting out a funeral and probate at the moment and it hacks me off that I have to revisit stuff that should have been routinely sorted.



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Re: sim only account still active when cancelled?


Hi and sorry for the issues you have been having at this difficult time.


Unfortunately moderators are customers with no access to Plusnet systems or accounts.


Hopefully a member of the mobile team will reply tomorrow.

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Re: sim only account still active when cancelled?

My Apologies, Thank you for letting me know.

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Re: sim only account still active when cancelled?

Hi @keft


thanks for bringing this to our attention today. 


It does sound like your account is now fully closed and sending out automated emails, if you drop us a message I'd be more than happy to look into things and confirm this for you. 

 Sarah Stewart
 Plusnet Help Team