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several problems

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Registered: ‎28-11-2017

several problems


I have just joined plusnet mobile and had several problems.

First I can't login to my mobile account webpage

Second I have asked to port my old number and after 2 days still got no news about it

Third whenever I call i get a roaming warning and it looks like I am dialling as orange network.

Hopefully all these problems get fixed soon.




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Re: several problems


Hi there @nmmsimao!


Thanks for getting in touch with us.

I can definitely help you with these issues Smiley


1. Regarding your issues with My Account - at which stage does it become obvious you can't log in?

There are different ways around this depending on when the issue occurs!


2. Regarding your number port - if you sent us the request 2 days ago, this would have been over the weekend.

You should have received a confirmation message which lets you know the port will take 1-2 working days to complete.

Based on the timescale you've provided, your port should be due to complete today. We do contact you just before the port completes, so you should receive a message from us later on today.


3. Orange is simply the old name for EE, who's network we run off. This just means you're connecting to a mast which was also used when EE were still Orange. This won't affect your services Smiley


If there's anything else you need, please don't hesitate to ask!

If you'd like to discuss your My Account issues in depth, you can always send a private message too!




 Oli Gaffney
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: several problems

The roaming warning is nothing to do with masts!. It's the fact that the SIM has an Orange IMSI and the phone doesn't recognise EE as it's home network. See this thread

Having said that, it's nothing to worry about ...

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Re: several problems

It has now been 3 working days and the port of my old number is still not completed. Your website informs us that  "If your port has not completed by the expected date, we’ll text you." That has not been my case. Where can I obtain more information about this issue. I also have no data connection.


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Re: several problems

Porting by the text method appears to have a poor success rate.

Try sending a Private Message with all your details to RebekaPreston or OliGaffney


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Re: several problems

Hi nmmsimao,

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

If your port was submitted on the system, you would have received a confirmation text and email. 

I see that you have sent a Private Message, I'll pick this up shortly and assist with your query.

- Rebeka 

 Rebeka Preston
 Plusnet Help Team