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"Mates Rates"

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"Mates Rates"

I see Mates Rates are double data for each of the four options:


Mobile only plans

How much a month UK 4G data UK minutes UK texts
£5.00 500MB 250 500
£7.50 1GB 1000 Unlimited
£10.00 2GB 1500 Unlimited
£15.00 4GB Unlimited Unlimited

Mobile plans with broadband

How much a month UK 4G data UK minutes UK texts
£5.00 1GB 250 500
£7.50 2GB 1000 Unlimited
£10.00 4GB 1500 Unlimited
£15.00 8GB Unlimited Unlimited


... so equivalent to the present launch offers for those particular two plans.


All pretty logical and I believe quite generous compared to other carriers?


Although I've presently pre-registered for the 4GB/unlimited/unlimited pre-launch offer, I'm wondering whether to go for the 1GB/250/500 deal at £5 (at least longer term)

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Re: "Mates Rates"

Do Mates Rates apply to just the person named on the bill or to all people living at the same address?

Thanks - Bob.

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Re: "Mates Rates"

Taken from "Here's the legal bit"

Mates Rates
  • Mates Rates are available to existing Plusnet residential customers taking either: Plusnet home phone, broadband or both broadband and home phone.
  • Plusnet business customers, Plusnet customers taking non-Plusnet branded products and Plusnet customers with only email, hosting or domain services will not be eligible for Mates Rates.
  • An eligibility check applies on sign-up and we reserve the right to carry out further checks on your eligibility.  A maximum of 5 SIM cards can be linked to one Plusnet broadband or home phone account.
  • All Mates Rates allowances will be removed if the linked broadband or home phone service is cancelled (includes Mates Rates received by other household members because their mobile account is linked to the cancelled broadband or phone service).
  • Broadband or phone accounts must be signed up for at least 24 hours before signing up for Mates Rates.
  • For more information on Mates Rates go to


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Re: "Mates Rates"

Missed that, thanks kdhuk.

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Re: "Mates Rates"

TBH I'm not bothered much about data allowances. I only use data to cover email, news, maps, Facebook and the like, no streaming etc., and I never get as high as 100MB a month. So it's the minutes and texts that interest me and they're pretty mean unless of course I pay for huge amounts of useless data. So mates rates don't count for me and PN doesn't do it for me.

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Re: "Mates Rates"

I'm regretting not signing up to the old accounts before the merger. 4G is pretty useless when your phone doesn't do 4G!


Mini would have done me very nicely!

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