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problems porting a number

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problems porting a number

I started the porting process Tuesday AM via telephone as was unable to request via SMS and was informed that it will be complete by 6pm Wed. Number to port became unobtainable early afternoon. I have since made several calls to customer service as the number has not been ported,  I have informed them time and time again the importance of having this number reconnected as I am ill/disabled and prone to falls and this is the emergency contact number on both my medical tags to contact in case of emergency. Their only response is we are working on it (woopy do).  I am now left in a very vulnerable state without emergency contact until Plusnet pull their finger out and get this sorted.  Doubt very much I will be stayin with Plusnet very long. I am one very disgruntled/disappointed Customer who has been very let down with the lack of customer care.  Yes the advisers are very polite and talk the talk, just a shame they can't walk the walk. 

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: problems porting a number

Hi tsheppy! I'm sorry to hear about this!


Please accept my apologies for how long it has taken for your Port-In to complete. We aim to offer a seamless Port-In process, however, it  seems that on this occasion we have failed to do this. Here at Plusnet, we take all of our customers seriously, and will always try to resolve your issue as quickly as we can do!

Our Port-In process takes one working day if submitted before 6pm, and up to two working days after 6pm. It's very rare that this process is delayed, however, when it is be sure that our Operations Team are working hard to get this sorted for you as soon as possible. Sometimes it may take a little longer, but this is only because we want to sort this first time around! 

If you would like me to check up on any updates, please don't hesitate to drop me a PM, and i'll be more than happy to check this out for you! -Sean Smiley