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overcharged on my Mobile account

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Registered: ‎03-11-2018

overcharged on my Mobile account

Today plusnet took the sum of £37.80 for my mobile account it should have been £15 checking my bank statements i can see that payments were made of my debit card on the following dates

1 06/09/18..£15

2 09/10/18..£15

3 03/11/18..£37.80

Hanging on the phone for a hour i give up but im fuming you are taking money you should not be and if i dont get a refund and a acceptable explanation i will be cancelling and going else where secondly and this important my mobile is switched off and locked in a safe only i have the code for so these extra charges are wrong as my september statement of usage shows the last  date it was used.....Plusnet have now resolved this issue folks