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discount for more than one sim card?

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discount for more than one sim card?


     just wondering if there is any discount available for more than one sim only deal with Plusnet?

     I have two sim onlys with Plusnet at the moment, (one for me and one for eldest), am getting a phone for my middle child so he han stay in touch, am paying £8 a month at the moment for 3.5 gb 1000 mins, looking for similar but also looking to save as much as possible, anyone knoe the best options? Thanks.

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Re: discount for more than one sim card?

I'm afraid we don't currently offer any discounts for taking more than one SIM out.


I'm sure you'll still be able to find a great deal for your son, though: details of all of our SIM-only deals can be found at Smiley

 Michael Williams
 Plusnet Help Team