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Zero signal in Manchester.

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Registered: ‎08-09-2018

Zero signal in Manchester.

I have been unfortunate enough to have to spend some time in Manchester Royal infirmary. which is by the manchester Uni on Oxford road.

Absolutely zip on signal. If I have my Galaxy Note 8 search for mobile network operators, I get O2, Voda and 3 showing but no mention of Plusnet or EE

I have been telling it to scan fiarly regularly, and once did see plusnet appear, but trying to register lasted about 5 min before it gave up, and plusnet once more disappeared from the list of available operators.





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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Zero signal in Manchester.

Hi Dredd,

Sorry about the late reply, I have been away from the office. 

I'm afraid we can't guarantee signal in all locations. Signal can also be affected by numerous factors such as, the density of building materials, tree cover, weather conditions and how many people are using the network.

You can also pop over to and check the service for any issues in the area. 

- Rebeka 

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Re: Zero signal in Manchester.

The Plusnet / EE coverage checker is grossly over-optimistic. We live in an area shown as excellent for 4G indoors & outdoors but we actually get no signal in most of the house & only 1 bar of 2G signal outside.

Visitors on O2 & Vodafone do get full 4G inside & outside our house which is why, tomorrow, it's bye bye Plusnet & hello giffgaff (O2).