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Yet another number port complaint

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Yet another number port complaint

I ordered three new accounts last week for myself and my children. All three previously with GiffGaff. All three provided with PAC codes.

Not a single one has completed. Each number is dead with a 'you have dialled an incorrect number' response.

None of our contacts can contact any of us.

I phoned to chase the issue up and after being placed on 40 minutes was told by a woman in no uncertain terms that firstly there was nothing they could do as there was a delay and secondly that it wasn't her fault that I had been placed on hold for 40 minutes or that the ports were delayed (she as good as said "what do you expect me to do about it?").

Subsequenty attempted to contact via social media to be told the port would happen manually as soon as possible.

I'm still waiting and therefore asked to make an official complaint.

Was told the process was to first receive a call from a manager and 'would I like to proceed'.


"OK, what number should I ask them to call?"

Either a whole new level of stupid, or somebody with a sick idea of humour.

Unless you're happy with a new number... avoid this service.

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Re: Yet another number port complaint

I've ordered a sim to try plusnet out; not arrived yet even though ordered on Sunday.

If they can't get PAC porting sorted out then it's a show stopper for me.

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Re: Yet another number port complaint

Tomorrow will be a week without my number.

It will also be the day that I phone to cancel all of our services and we'll go to another provider and just have to give up on our old numbers.

I wouldn't advise switching to these at the moment, they're just another mobile provider that hasn't planned to cope with actually providing.


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Re: Yet another number port complaint

Hi Samaber - did your problem get resolved at the end?

And is it actually possible to switch back away given they don't seem to be able to give a PAC code until the port is completed?

I don't mind staying with PlusNet as the deal is good - just want my number up and running as >2 weeks is too long now

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Re: Yet another number port complaint

Hi @peegee28,  

Apologies for any inconvenience caused regarding your port-in request; it's certainly not something we intend and I hope we're able to turn your journey around into a more positive outlook. 


If you could send me a private message with your account details, I'll be more than happy to look into this further and do all I can to help! -Ashleigh