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Worst porting experience ever - sorry but it's true

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Registered: ‎26-05-2017

Worst porting experience ever - sorry but it's true

I have had a mobile phone for a long time and have switched providers probably four times and it's always been faultless.

switching to plusnet not quite so

  1. Seemed to take a long time
  2. not complete yet so it seems if anyone rings me it rings twice then goes to engaged.
  3. worst signal I have ever experienced 
  4. continually drops to "no service" has to be restarted to get signal again
  5. outside my office SN2 1ET where I am told signal should be excellent guess what no service !

does anyone have any ideas ?

its an iPhone 5s running the latest iOS and I have already reset network and checked carrier drivers which seems to show EE28.3 ?


its great to have such a good value network but frankly it's not worth a light if I can't get any signal.

i can afford to try things for a week I guess and then I am off and as a disgruntled customer at that.

any suggestions gratefully received.


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Re: Worst porting experience ever - sorry but it's true

Hi @DaveCr

I'm sorry to hear this has been your experience, it's certainly not something we wish for and I hope we can turn your experience around. In terms of porting your number over, it can take up to 1-2 working days depending on the time/ day you provided your PAC code. We do advise you can use your existing mobile number until it switches across to your Plusnet SIM card, however, you may experience some disruption. 

We pride ourselves on using EE's network, so I apologise if you haven't received our usual high standard service. After taking a look at our Status Checker (, I can confirm there's no known issues within the area of SN2 1ET. Our Coverage Checker states the network should be excellent for 4G and very good for 3G/ 2G, although this is only an estimated guide and not a guarantee of service availability. 

Are you experiencing signal issues within all locations, or it is only one specific area? As with all radio-based systems, service may be affected by a number of local factors, such as building materials, tree cover and weather conditions; which isn't something we'll be held responsible for.

If you're ever experiencing a connection issue, we'll certainly try our hardest to find a solution in a quick and efficient manner. There's some troubleshooting steps we'll need to follow; such as, removing your SIM/ rebooting the device and also trying the SIM within another handset as this would rule out whether it's a fault with the SIM or the handset you're using. 

I'll be more than happy to look into this further and I'll do my very best to help in regards to the progress of your port and your connection issue- if you could send me a private message with your account details, I'll ensure this is picked up and dealt with accordingly. -Ashleigh