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Why take 20 hours to apply data bolt on?

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Registered: ‎20-04-2020

Why take 20 hours to apply data bolt on?

Dear Plusnet Mobile - why is it so difficult to put anything in writing to you? No e-mail address or Contact Us can be found! Anyway - the following is essentially a complaint to your colleagues at John Lewis Broadband but your team don't get off entirely scott-free either. Here goes:

Dear JL Broadband Team,

I am sorry to report that our upgrade to Fibre has not gone well. It started fair enough when I spoke to your sales team on Friday 3rd April. I was mildly amused when the first element of this order to arrive through the post was the envelope to return the old modem! When nothing further had happened by Friday 17th April, I spoke to the sales team again and was told that the upgrade was due to come into effect THAT DAY! Only I would need the new router to use it and said router had only been sent the day before. The router I have would, however, no longer work - and within the hour it duly stopped doing so!

Fortunately I remembered that my smartphone would act as a router to the mobile data service and with the help of your colleagues in the mobile department – fortunately my mobile contract is with PlusNet also – we managed to get that going and for the rest of Friday, normality was restored. Come Saturday, we were back to square one as Friday’s use had exhausted my remaining data allowance. Black mark for the mobile team here as your colleague told me that the extra data I then purchased might become available in two hours or it might only become available after midnight – apparently no way for the staff to tell which. Of course the latter happened and we were without email and internet for all of Saturday!

At the time of writing, the modem has still not appeared and I’ve had to buy more data again, this time without hitch. I very much hope that you will be able to sort this directly with your colleagues so I do not end up having to pay one part of Plusnet only to claim the money back from another part.

As a lesson for the future, may I suggest that either OpenReach or yourselves check with your clients that the new router has arrived before the upgrade is effected. If it does not turn up in today’s post, I will try and get the service put back to the old basis but given the experience so far, I am far from confident that this will happen quickly – more likely just after the new router has finally landed. So if you prefer for me to keep using mobile data instead, just let me know.

Yours in frustration

Christian Kuepers

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Why take 20 hours to apply data bolt on?

Hi there, I'm really sorry to see this. 


We won't be able to assist you directly with any issues relating to the John Lewis service as we do need to advise you to contact their support teams directly regarding that, I do realise that may seem frustrating but I will do all I can to help with the issue relating to the data bolt-on. 


Could you please send m a private message with your mobile number so I can look into it for you? 


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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team