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Why did I bother going to Plusnet? Nothing but problems

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Why did I bother going to Plusnet? Nothing but problems

Hello Plusnet. I've had your service for over six weeks now & ever since I left Virgin Mobile I've been beset with issues. It seems that I've not received ANY sms messages since I switched. It also appears that I am intermittently receiving 'phone calls. A work colleague of mine tried to call me over lunch yesterday only to be told the 'this number is not available' yet when I returned I could call him & it shown it as me on his 'phone.


I've called 500 numerous times. Today I've done the '3 texts over 2 hrs apart but all within 24hrs' as requested & as I have pointed out both in last night's call to 500 & tonight's to [CSA Removed] that I DON"T HAVE ACCESS TO ANOTHER HANDSET to swap the sim over to isolate the problem being the sim or 'phone. This is a new sim I put in from you last Thursday. [CSA Removed] said he 95% of web forms that are not included the 'tried other SIM' option are rejected so I'm at a stalemate with you. I can't try another handset & you will reject any technical enquiry because I haven't tried. Never had any of this with Virgin. Never! 



I currently have both mobile & broadband with Plusnet and I switched my Father's broadband service over to you recently but that is something I'm going to look at.


My iCloud account too is now associated to the old number from the sim I was originally sent & I can't alter my iCloud account to the my ported number as they need to send a sms message to my sim for security. I DON"T GET SMSs


I'm on a iPhone 6S 64GB unlocked handset. 


It would appear if I stay with Plusnet then I won't received text messages and ply roulette when it comes to 'phone calls. Why am I paying for this?Huh

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Why did I bother going to Plusnet? Nothing but problems

Hi Ghanks,

Thanks for taking the time out to get in touch with us, it's much appreciated. 

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with your mobile services. I understand how frustrating it can be when we ask for you to try certain troubleshooting methods but you're unable to. I can assure you that we can try other methods however, this is one that if possible, we ask all of our customers to try; it's in place to try and rule out whether it is a handset or SIM issue and is required to be tested to send off to the Operations Team. 

I'm not too sure if any of the Customer Service Agents have suggested this yet, but have you tried checking that the SMS service centre number stored on the handset is correct? This will be within your SMS settings and the number you're looking for is: +44 7870002308.

I'd also advise to reset your network settings by performing the following:

>Settings>General>Reset Network Settings.

- Rebeka Smiley

 Rebeka Preston
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Why did I bother going to Plusnet? Nothing but problems

I am an existing Plusnet broadband customer.  I received an email on 13-06-18 offering deals for mobile (2G data + unlimited calls and texts for £6).

When I called today to transfer from Virgin to Plusnet (two chats and two calls to the helpline), I was told the deals no longer valid.  This is despite the dates being valid according to the email and the deals being promoted on the website.

Plusnet have lost me as a potential mobile customer.  This difficulty today has been compounded by the difficulty in contacting Plusnet; the helpline had long queues (Virgin person seem to answer within seconds and the 'chat' unable to help, other than apologise and suggest calling the helpline.

The posting above further puts me off, with unreliable service the savings offered are not of worth.

I wonder if anyone from Plusnet will read this and contact me - I have doubts.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Why did I bother going to Plusnet? Nothing but problems

Hi @SteveMJ Thank you for getting in touch with us!


I'm sorry to hear about your experience here.

This sort of marketing is fully managed by our broadband team with no intervention from the mobile side, because of this, they are able to offer deals which the mobile team don't have access to.

I am so sorry that they weren't able to offer you the deal which was originally offered to you.


Regarding wait times, our mobile line very rarely experiences queues of more than a couple of minutes.

Our broadband team can quite often have much longer queues than ourselves!


The direct number for Plusnet mobile is 0800 079 1133.


All of the deals currently available directly through Plusnet mobile are all displayed here: 

Our special offers for existing broadband customers can all be found here: 


Thank you


 Oli Gaffney
 Plusnet Help Team