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When exactly will the cancellation take place?

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When exactly will the cancellation take place?

Hi all.

The refresh date for my mobile is on the 7th of every month. If I ring PN today, when will the exact date be for my cancellation? - Bearing in mind we need to give 30 days notice? And will I need to do anything re. the DD?


Just to add: PN's been absolutely brilliant. It's got nothing to do with their service which has been top-notch Smiley



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Re: When exactly will the cancellation take place?

Hi @Cagney1994,

I'm glad to hear that we have been providing top-notch service!

When you request cancellation, the account will cancel at the end of the 30 day notice period. Any amounts owed as a result of payment in advanced would be refunded when the final bill is generated. If you port your number to another provider, the account will cancel as soon as the port has completed. When an account cancels, no actions are required with the direct debit as the instruction will cancel automatically when it is no longer required.

You can see our cancellation policy here for more information and feel free to get back in touch if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you.

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