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What on earth does "Limited Service" mean ?

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What on earth does "Limited Service" mean ?

I recently joined Plusnet having had one conversation too many with Asian call centers so loved by my previous provider.

I'm also rather new to these "smart do-it-all" phones but have persevered and have now actually got my phone talking to my sat-nav with up to the minute traffic data . . . . not bad for an elderly 'luddite'!

This week I ventured across to the Netherlands, my local host called me when I was dis-embarking the ferry, call was routed to me no problem. I sent a few texts to the UK, again no problem, even my sat-nav was receiving traffic data without a problem. Yet when I tried to call "SWMBO" in the UK, I just got this "service not available" message.

Maybe I misunderstand the "roam" feature, could somebody explain what is and is not included in my package, particularly the implications of calling from Europe to the UK? Why do texts go through and voice calls to me but not from me?


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Re: What on earth does "Limited Service" mean ?

Hi @crustyoldgit, thanks for getting in touch with us!


This is definitely unusual, you should be able to make calls just as well as you can receive them.

There is a chance there is a slight issue affecting a local mast, which unfortunately we have no control over.


We can, however go through some troubleshooting to see if we can improve this for you!


The first step would be fully re-booting your handset:


Turn the handset off
Remove the SIM card
Leave it for a couple of minutes
Replace the SIM card
Turn the handset on

This will refresh the signal and attempt to re-establish a connection with the local network!


Thank you


 Oli Gaffney
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: What on earth does "Limited Service" mean ?

Hi Oli,

Many thanks for the swift reply, you've given me something to chuckle about, seems the old trick of kicking it if it doesn't work still applies even with all this wonderful technology.he he!

Again, my thanks for responding!

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Re: What on earth does "Limited Service" mean ?

For more information on Roam Like At Home, you can visit for a great FAQ Smiley


Charges from UK to Europe are chargeable; Charges for international calls are outlined at 


If you have any more questions please give me a shout!

 Michael Williams
 Plusnet Help Team