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Voicemail service centre number.

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Voicemail service centre number.

Hello I am seeing a lot of articles on how to turn voicemail off and how to dial 555.


However having searched the website, forum and google I cannot seem to find the answer to my question about how to turn voicemail ON.

I have an Android phone and usually you go into call settings and configure the phone to forward calls to 'X' number when busy or when not reachable etc.

There's usually a service centre number or on some networks you can just put the same number in there that you dial to access your voicemail and it does the job.


Can I ask how Plusnet is doing it?  Is there a number to divert to to make the voicemail work?  I have dialled 555 and configured that side of things and the automated voice says it is activated.  When I dial the number however, it cuts out to a dead line if I reject the call or gives a 'number unavailable please try later' message if I put it into flight mode beforehand.


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Re: Voicemail service centre number.

Hi @thespringfield


We don't support call forwarding, which means we're unable to provide the settings or a centre number to divert the call the another number. I'm really sorry about that! -Ashleigh