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Voicemail has been Disabled

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Registered: 07-06-2017

Voicemail has been Disabled

I have just put my SIM into a new phone and when the phone is not answered for 30 seconds it says welcome to PlusNet Voicemail, you can't leave a message as Voicemail is disabled please send a text.  How do I enable it?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Voicemail has been Disabled

Hi vaseymw,

Thanks for getting in touch with us!

Providing the Voicemail Service is switched on, if a call isn't answered for 30 seconds, it will divert to the Plusnet mobile Voicemail Service. If the Voicemail Service is switched off, it won't divert at all. 

We have 4 different codes that may help however, I can't advise as to which will work as they're all handset dependant. Can you try each one by dialling it into your keypad and calling that number?

The codes are as follows:

  • **004*+447870020555*11*30#
  • **004*07870020555*11*30#
  • **61*+447870020555*11*30#
  • **61*07870020555*11*30#

There is also another code that you can try:

  • #21#

Once you've tried this code, you'll need to re-boot your handset. You can do this by:

  • Turning the handset off
  • Taking the SIM card out
  • Leaving it for a couple of minutes
  • Replacing the SIM card
  • Turning the handset back on

Following this, if the issue is still present, be sure to send me a private message with your details and I'll look into this further for you.

- Rebeka

 Rebeka Preston
 Plusnet Help Team