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Voicemail - callers hear "you cannot leave a message, please send a text"

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Voicemail - callers hear "you cannot leave a message, please send a text"

Hi all,

I've called Plusnet customer services twice to try and get this resolved without luck, and have seen other threads where similar issues have been fixed by PM to a Plusnet staff member on this forum, so fingers crossed...!


I noticed last week that when I receive a call that's unanswered or rejected, the call goes to the voicemail service, but the caller hears "You're through to the Plusnet voicemail service. You cannot leave a message because voicemail is disabled, please send a text".


I called Plusnet support to fix this and they said voicemail appeared to be enabled from their side, so they were going to disable it and then re-enable it to see if that kicked it back in. This morning I tested voicemail and now the caller didn't even get the VM service - it just rang off. Plus, I couldn't even dial 555 from my phone.

Called Plusnet again and they were going to send me a new SIM card, but then noticed that voicemail was actually disabled, so the previous support member had turned it off, but not turned it back on again!

They have now re-enabled voicemail from their end, and we're back to square one. The caller hears "you cannot leave a message" again.


If I dial 555 now, I can record a custom greeting but that's all. I don't need a custom greeting, I just want voicemail turned on with the default message.


Please would any Plusnet staff accept a PM where they can figure this out as with other threads on this forum, since the staff on the phone lines don't seem to understand the issue?!



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Re: Voicemail - callers hear "you cannot leave a message, please send a text"

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your voicemail service.

If you can send me a PM with your mobile number I'll be happy to look into this for you.

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