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Voicemail Password

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Voicemail Password


I noticed recently my voicemail wasn't asking for a pin - I called support and was informed all pins were required to be reset as part of the recent upgrade, and I would have to add the option in settings, which I did, easily enouugh.


However, I think it's a bit poor that pin security is just removed without explicitly telling me (the support man said it was in an email, which I never received) and so for several weeks my voicemails were available to all and sundry.



Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Voicemail Password

Hey @gooxer321,

Thanks for getting in touch with us here.


Sorry to hear you had a few issues accessing your voicemail service after the system upgrade, to clarify your old pin would not have worked for the upgraded voicemail system and no access would have been granted which is why an email was sent to change the pin. I can certainly understand your trepidation about security of the voicemail but can confirm no one would have been able to listen into these voicemails.