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Voicemail Notification... Back to the 90s (not in a good way)

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Voicemail Notification... Back to the 90s (not in a good way)

Just found out Plus.Net do not have any method of notifying you when you get a voicemail, and worse, do not consider this a fault and so have no intention of fixing it.


I think this explains why I've been the last to know about several major family incidents over the last year or so.


I remember getting voicemail notifications on my Nokia (5110?) in the mid 90s, and it has been a standard feature of *every* phone network I've been with since.


I will of course be changing mobile phone provider to get this basic (but critical) feature working reliably. The cavalier attitude of Plus.Net to this issue is also prompting me to change ISP... I am flabbergasted they have no intention of fixing it - they just shrug their virtual shoulders as "it's not supported".


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Voicemail Notification... Back to the 90s (not in a good way)

Hi @rubymoon, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues receiving voicemail notifications. By all means we're happy to help investigate this problem you're having and we have a few troubleshoot steps to try and help narrow down what's behind the lack of voicemail notifications.

Have you checked the voicemail settings within your phone to make sure notifications are enabled?
Could you please try the SIM card in another handset and see if the issue persists on there also?
Are you receiving other notifications such as missed calls?
What's the make/model of your current handset?

After getting a little more information we should be able to investigate this issue further for you.