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Voicemail Not Activated after Switching

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Registered: ‎06-08-2020

Voicemail Not Activated after Switching

I’ve   recently switched from EE to Plusnet, I provide Plusnet with my PAC so the number could be changed etc.

When my new SIM arrived I placed Plusnet SIM into my iPhone and my old SIM into an old phone, both phones/SIMs worked perfectly, HOWEVER........

 A few days later my number was changed from old SIM, as expected and promised by Plusnet, the voicemail on my new Plusnet SIM stopped working!!

when I call 555 from my mobile i get a voice telling me my voicemail isn’t active and I need to call my provider, when I call my mobile from a landline, with mobile in flight mode so call should be sent to voicemail, I get a continuous beep!

Ive been in contract with customer service using the 500 number.

call 1, was told voice mail needed resetting, which they will do leave it for a couple of hours try again. DIDN'T WORK 

call 2, Was told to dial #21# from my mobile and wait  a couple of hours and try again, DID’NT WORK, NB I’ve googled this, so not sure why I was told to do this, as it’s just a way/shortcut to display forwarding settings.
call 3, was told to try accessing my voicemail from my mobile 3 times within a 12 hour window leaving 2 hours between attempts, record time of day I made of these calls and then get back to them.

call 4 was told I needed to remotely access my voicemail from a trusted line, using 07870020555, enter my mobile number, set pin etc, so I tried this from my landline whilst I was on my mobile to 500. It DID,NT work

so my they sent problem to Tech Support.

a few days later I received an email from tech support telling me to repeat exercise in call 4, I called 500 again a told them it was fixed etc.. and now waiting for tech support to get back to me.


has anyone else had similar experiences????Huh