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Virgin Mobile Porting Timeline

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Registered: ‎08-05-2023

Virgin Mobile Porting Timeline

Decided to port my 15yr old Virgin Mobile number to my Plusnet account to  save money and get a better signal for my phone.


This is my timeline for other who are considering the same Journey.


WEDNESDAY Previous text to,say change will happen.


12:00 All my main Virgin Mobile phones Calls/SMS/4g stop.

14:00 All my backup Plusnet Phones Callls/SMS/4g stop.


Moved my Plusnet sim to my Main phone. Only contact now is Wi-Fi only iMessage,messenger,WhatsApp, etc.

22:00 New number comes over but SMS contact only.


THURSDAY Text to,say change will complete today.


12:00 Calls and 4g finally appear.


No text or email to state that Porting was complete.


Felt a bit lost and nervous about missing any important phone calls for 22 hours! But found the messages on,this community a comfort. Hence why I am posting my time line to assure other people it may take a FULL 24hrs sometimes.

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